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Africa Elephants

Endangered Animal Case Studies

Rhinos, Elephant, Tigers and Bears

Geographic Location: Africa, Asia, and North America

URL: http://www.resourceafrica.org/cites/ch07.html

One of the case studies shows that reestablish rhino populations on private land could enhance the status of rhinos in South Africa. Read More

Sandbar Shark

Geographic Location: North America

URL: http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu

Every year, about 2.5 million sharks are catched due to recreational and commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and along the US Atlantic coast. Read More

Sea Turtle, Salmon and Steelhead

Geographic Location: US

URL: http://www.savetheendangeredspeciesact.org/case/default.asp

Chemical waste affects sea turtles and other species in the Chesapeake Bay, MD, US. Read More

Burrowing Owls

Geographic Location: California's Central Valley, US

URL: http://www.srcsd.com/casebur.html

Over the past 50 years, burrowing owls have been decreased due to urbanization and agricultural growth in California's Central Valley. Read More

Hornbill and Siberian Crane

Geographic Location: Asia

URL: http://www.birdlife.net/action/science/species/asia_strategy/species.html

Commerical logging and plantation has caused rapid forest loss and threated many species. Read More

Gray Whale

Geographic Location: Worldwide

URL: http://www.bagheera.com/inthewild/van_anim_grywhale.htm

Gray whales in the western Pacific is believed to be highly endangered while the eatern Pacific population of them was removed from the endangered species list in 1995. Read More. List of other case studies available at http://www.bagheera.com

Marine Park Management in Coral Harvest

Geographic Location: Queensland, Australia

URL: http://www.colby.edu/personal/t/thtieten/coral.htm

Aquarium market makes coral reef harvesting a high income source. About 50 tons of live coral and living rock are harvested each year. Read More. List of other case studies available at http://www.colby.edu